I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics

We have all listened to a song that we like on the radio or on television without knowing the title and then we wanted to know what song it is and arise question “I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics” This situation is quite common, but it is also very frustrating not being able to find the song you are looking for without knowing the title.

I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics
I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics

A few years ago, the only way to know the name of a song was to try humming it and asking a friend if they knew the artist or the title. Now, thanks to the Internet, it is much easier and there are many quick and effective solutions.

Methods and applications to know what song is and I'm looking for a song that goes like this lyrics

1. Know the name of a song with Google 

Google always has the answer of what you want to know. This world-leading web search engine returns thousands of results for each search, both textual and auditory. Therefore, if you know a part of the lyrics of the song, you only have to write it there. If you heard it in a movie or series, find the soundtrack and review it until you find the one that interests you.

2. What song is with YouTube

If you want to recognize songs online without having to download them, YouTube is a great ally. You just have to write a fragment of the song in the search engine of this platform and review the results. You can also try the artist's name, in case you know it, and search among the tracks that that artist has registered.

3. With the voice finder 

Certain browsers like Google, Bing and Mozilla have voice search services. To use them, you must activate the microphone on your computer and speak directly to the audio receiver.

To do it from your mobile, you must open the Google app and go to the main screen to activate the 'Sound finder' widget, which has the icon of a musical note. By pressing the icon and singing or saying the song fragment, Google will show you various search results. You can also try this option by bringing the microphone closer to the TV when the song in question is playing.

4. Know what song is with Google Assistant 

The new Google Virtual Assistant is perfect for knowing which song is the one you want to find. You just have to activate the assistant and the voice recognition or Voice Match and move the mobile's microphone closer to the player where the song is playing. To activate it, you have to say "OK Google" and ask the question: "What song is playing?".

5. Discover the name of a song with Shazam

The Shazam app will help you recognize songs online without downloading them. This tool is very effective in recognizing any song. You just have to record a piece of the audio while it is playing and the app will show those results that resemble the sample. In addition, you can save all the songs you track to iCloud just by linking your Facebook account and your email to the Shazam app.

6. What song is with Soundhound 

With this web platform launched in 2005 you only need to hum a fragment of the song you want to find to know the title and the interpreter. Soundhound is one of the best tools to track music, since it allows you to see the full lyrics, listen to it online, download it and share it with your social networks.

To do this, you must press the orange button and sing a fragment of the song. This playback service is completely free and allows you to save your playlists automatically on Spotify.

7. How to know the name of a song with Midomi 

Midomi is a music search engine so effective that, with a recording of only 10 seconds, it is able to identify any song. Just press the record icon and sing a fragment of the song or play an audio track from a multimedia device. 

In addition to the song title, you can get the artist's name, genre, year and album. With Midomi you will also learn to recognize songs online without downloading them for free and it is available for both web and mobile. 

8. Know the name of a song with Musixmatch 

Musixmatch contains thousands of song lyrics that you can track down with a snippet of the song you are looking for. This app contains song listings in more than 50 languages and you can synchronize your search with your YouTube, Spotify and Pandora accounts. You can also create custom playlists for online access. 

9. What song is with ARCCloud 

 ARCCloud allows you to recognize any song just by recording an audio sample on the platform. You can open it from your web or mobile browser and sing into the microphone a fragment of the song that interests you. 

You can also record the theme while playing it on another device. ARCCloud contains over 40 million registered songs, although most are in English. 

10. Know the name of a song with AudioTag 

The last option is AudioTag. It is as simple as uploading a 15-second sample to the web platform to recognize the song you are looking for. Its disadvantage is that it does not have voice recognition and you will have to load the audio from the multimedia gallery. 

Record a sample of the song when it's playing, or record yourself singing a passage and save it to your storage. Then open AudioTag in your web browser and when you load the audio you will find all the results that match your recording.

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