Looking For Snipping Tools For Mac?

Looking for Snipping Tools For Mac?

The operating system has an important task: to be the mediator between the hardware and the user and also between any program and the physical components of your computer.

Over the years, operating systems have improved in terms of programs installed by default. Even so, it is inevitable that when we turn on a computer for the first time we miss some kind of software , either to open compressed files, to edit images to our liking or to talk with our friends and contacts.

Snipping Tools For Mac

In the case of a Mac, the macOS operating system (Mac OS X or OS X) usually has a good assortment of preinstalled tools. Some more popular than others. Moreover, the new models even have a default office suite, Pages, Numbers and Keynote (what was previously iWork), to edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

If you look at the macOS Dock you will see more tools for Mac preinstalled, such as Mail, Safari, Calendar, Maps or Photos, but there are others a little harder to see.

Let's see some of these tools for Mac that you can find if you dive through the Applications folder and that will be very useful for certain daily tasks.


Record what you see on the screen in the form of an image is something that you will have needed on more than one occasion, either because you have seen an error or because you want to share an image or a fragment of a web page.

Your Mac has its own screen capture tool, Snapshot . It is located in Utilities and allows you to capture a screen fragment (Shift + Command + A), a window (Shift + Command + W), the entire screen (Command + Z) and schedule a screenshot of the entire screen (Shift + Command + Z). It even allows you to capture the contents of the Touch Bar if you use the latest MacBook Pro model (Shift + Command + T).

You can also take snapshots without opening Snapshot using keyboard shortcuts. Used to capture the entire screen (Shift + Command + 3), a selection or fragment (Shift + Command + 4 and select the fragment), a window (Shift + Command + 4 and select the window) and to include the Touch Bar ( Shift + Command + 6).

Keychain Access
A place to save all your passwords . Thus we could define Access to Keychains , the tool for Mac that organizes certificates, passwords and user keys safely.

If you have forgotten any user password or your WiFi key you can go to this tool and from the search engine you will find what you are looking for.

In Keychain Access the information is automatically saved, although you can create new entries with your own passwords and user keys as an alternative to Lastpass or Dashlane .

Activity Monitor

In Windows it is known as Task Manager. In macOS it is the Activity Monitor , the tool for Mac with which you will see in real time what applications and processes are active, how much memory and CPU they use and other data of interest such as energy consumption per application (useful for MacBook and MacBook Pro) , disk and network usage.

In addition to that information you can see data about each process or application and close it in case it has been hung up or gives problems.

Disk Utility
The Disk Utility is another one of those essential tools for Mac if you trasteas with multiple operating systems or if you work with external USB drives or stickers.

From Disk Utility you will see the occupied and free space of your main unit, you can make a diagnosis if your Mac gives you problems and you will have the possibility to format your external disks to save your files.

As for the format , if you are going to use that disk only on Macs it is advisable to use the Mac OS Plus format. In case of sharing files between Windows computers, you can use FAT32 (for disks up to 32 GB) or ExFAT (for disks larger than 32 GB). For multimedia centers , the only compatible format is FAT32.

Digital Color Meter
The previous Mac tools are more or less known, but Digital Color Meter is the least popular.

Its purpose is very specific, but it will be very useful if you work in photo retouching or digital design and need to know what color you are seeing .

When you place your mouse on the element in question, the Digital Color Meter will tell you the RGB values and you can copy them in text or image form to use in your image editor or design tool.

Also designed for graphic design, ColorSync allows you to calibrate your monitor so you can see colors correctly.

Among other things, it allows you to analyze the installed ICC color profiles for alterations or calibration errors, view all installed profiles and check the chromatic scale that an external monitor supports, for example .

Another tool for Mac hidden but practical for a specific task is Grapher, which serves to graphically represent equations in two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) format.

It has different ways of representing the graphs (classic, polar, grid or blank) as well as a palette of equations to enter mathematical symbols not available on the keyboard.

It also offers a selection of examples and the possibility of generating animated graphics. When finished, Grapher allows saving the graphics in TIFF, PDF, EPS and JPEG.

Bluetooth file sharing
Finally, a tool that will help you share files between wireless devices.

Although macOS has AirDrop technology to send and receive links, files or documents via WiFi, not all devices are compatible.

So if you don't want to upload a file to Google Drive or iCloud, you can go to the Bluetooth File Exchange and share files with this wireless technology.

Another Option Snipping Tools For Mac

EasySignCut Pro is a recommended application for all those users who want to create their own vinyl, whether for shops or personal use. With this tool you will have the option to create signs, templates, logos, stickers and even stickers from scratch, the limit will be placed on your creativity since you will have plenty of options available to capture your own ideas.

With EasySignCut Pro, you can draw and edit freely, add layers of text with any of the sources available on your computer, edit vector objects using nodes or add any of the more than 350 images available in the program's database. You will also have the option of adding 3D effects that will give your creations a much more realistic look.

In addition, the program allows you to vectorize any image in BMP, JPG, GIF or TIFF format and import files such as SVG, EPS, PDF, DXF, PLT, AI, WPC, SCUT, FCM. In this way, you can create your own designs without worrying about the proportions since being pieces in vector, they can be scaled unlimitedly without losing quality. You will even have the possibility to make puzzles from your images.

Easy Cut Studio is compatible with the most commonly used vinyl cutters and cutting plloters, including Graphtec, Roland, Mutoh, Summa, Ioline, Saga, Craftwell eCraft, Silhouette SD / CAMEO / Portrait, Craft ROBO / Graphtec, SilverBullet, Bosskut Gazelle , Foison, MyDigiDi, USCutter, Ramtin, Wishblade, BlackCat Cougar / Lynx, GCC, Pazzles Inspiration, Liyu, VinylExpress and many others.


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