Free Online Download World of Tanks PC Game 2020

Free Online Download World of Tanks PC Game 2020

World of Tanks offers massive online battles of tanks designed with historical rigor and that take place in scenarios that mimic real environments

Free Online Download World of Tanks PC Game 2020

Broadband Internet connections have improved the possibilities of multiplayer online videogames, significantly improving their quality both in graphics and in the ability to withstand massive battles between hundreds of players simultaneously. Among the most benefited are video games of sports such as football, racing cars and war, genres that are much more enjoyed when your opponents think as human and not as machines, no matter how much artificial intelligence is behind.

Taking advantage of this circumstance we find a title such as World of Tanks , a tank driving simulator that raises massive online fighting between players from all over the world aboard armored cars of all ages.

Possibly the best tank game for PC
We have seen the tank games on mobile devices such as Android or iPhone, but the truth is that much more is enjoyed on a computer as shown in this game (which has a version for Windows PC and Mac). Keep in mind that it has more than 110 million players worldwide, allowing the user to join massive online battles with more than 400 armored vehicles available .

Here we will find tanks of the different wars lived throughout the twentieth century and what we carry from the XXI : First and Second World War, First and Second Persian Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, Middle East ... at the same time we can drive armored cars Iconic of each army: United States, Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, Great Britain ...

The recreation of vehicles and scenarios has been done in detail.
These vehicles have been designed with historical precision and we find them divided by categories :

  • Heavy.
  • Media.
  • Light.
  • Cazacarros
  • Self-propelled guns.
  • Premium tanks

It has an excellent graphic quality and different game modes that allow you to enjoy games either alone or in company, integrating a clan:

  • Random mode in which players are randomly selected and divided into two teams.
  • Team battles
  • Skirmishes
  • Clan Wars
  • Historical battles (perhaps one of the most interesting ways for the recreation of battles that have taken place in reality).
  • Platoons

In turn, the game takes place in scenarios subject to geographical or meteorological conditions of summer, winter or desert. We also find dozens of maps that emulate real sites: Karelia, Sigfrido Line, Live Oaks, Murovanka, Abbey, Steppes ...

The millions of players who have joined this franchise have launched versions for game consoles such as Xbox and PS4 as well as other installments such as World of Tanks Blitz .

In short, if you like war games with historical reminiscences and at the same time e-sports you can not stop downloading one of the best tank games for Windows. Check that you meet the requirements and throw yourself into battle.

Requirements and additional information:
Minimum operating system requirements: Windows XP.

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