Free Online Download League of Legends – LOL PC Game 2020

Free Online Download League of Legends – LOL PC Game 2020

League of Legends - LOL is a game that mixes role and strategy in real time in a multiplayer environment that offers different scenarios and game modes

Increasingly better communications have favored the development of MOBA strategy games (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). You know, the games in which several players meet on a virtual battlefield and fight each other, either all against all or forming teams and fighting collaboratively. Many of them have given way to the so-called eSports (electronic sports).

Free Online Download League of Legends – LOL PC Game 2020

Among the different titles that fall within this genre we could identify League of Legends - LOL as one of the kings, since with more than 80 million registered players , peaks of 5 million users connected at the same time and championships with prizes Two million dollars for the winner, there are few who cough.

How do you play LoL?
The game is that players, who are called summoners , face each other by dividing into two teams of 3 or 5 players (depending on the game mode is a 3 vs. 3 or 5 vs. 5). These, before starting, must choose the character that will be the champion or champion in English and with which they will play the game from start to finish . They have dozens to choose from.

Once the battle has begun, the objective is easily understood: the base or nexus of the opposing team must be destroyed . Of course, there are different scenarios that pose different game modes although with the same purpose. Each player will face his real opponents, but at the same time he will have to defend himself against the attacks of automatic units that each link launches against his enemies.

Its Gameplay is simple to understand but mastering it requires a lot of practice.

Main Features
More than 130 characters available . New characters are usually added every two months to choose from.
Game Maps : there are different maps (Summoner's Rift, Twisted Forest, Abyss of Laments ...) formed by different terrains, conditions to win, objects and spells.
There are two game modes , Classic and Dominion. In the first one, the objective is to end the enemy nexus without forgetting to defend one's own. In the Dominion the objective is to get the most capture points of the map to inflict the greatest damage to the rival nexus .
You can customize the champion because as a summoner you will use different tools that help him on the battlefield. Runes, masters or spells will make it possible to customize these characters to better adapt them to the style of play.
It also offers the so-called PBE or Public Beta Environment . What is it Well, it is a limited access realm environment where players test new content thus contributing to the development of stable versions of the video game.

In its complexity inhabits its success
It is a game that although it is easy to understand, it is more difficult to master, hence part of its success. You will find tutorials and guides with tips and tricks for LoL that try to help the player in his victory in the Fields of Justice. From how to control and play with the champion to manage and know other elements of the game : streets, subjects, turrets, inhibitors, the base or link ...

As we said before, it has millions of fans in all parts of the world. Its user community is very active and you will find dozens of news pages about the game, Reddit threads and even Wikipedia pages dedicated exclusively to different aspects of it, such as the aforementioned characters or champions.

However, despite being the mass phenomenon already mentioned, we still do not find versions of LoL for Android (forget to download its APK) or for iPhone ... for now we will have to settle to continue enjoying this MOBA from Windows PCs or from Mac.

What's new in the latest version
Various improvements and corrections.

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