Free Online Download Counter Strike Pc Game 2020

Free Online Download Counter Strike Pc Game 2020

Counter Strike is a Half Life MOD. Download Counter Strike for free, an action-packed shooter. Defeat your rivals in the battle of Counter Strike.

Counter Strike is a first-person shooter genre game that will allow you to experience the thrill and adrenaline of the battlefield on your PC. This is one of the most popular computer games that have been successful.

Company Fun

Everything in this shooter is outstanding, but if there is a section that takes the palm is the multiplayer mode , a classic among players from half the world. Fight against rivals from everywhere with the online game mode , where the coordination of your group will be the key to the final success.

Choose the group you will belong to between terrorists and anti-terrorists. The combat takes place in a series of time-limited rounds, and your goal is none other than to end as many rivals as possible . Reach the areas of the map where the objectives of each mission are to win the victory. And don't forget that in Counter Strike the tricks are a fundamental part of the game : find your own tricks on the net to avoid being shot dead!

Select your mission

  • Participate in frantic bomb fighting . Put yourself in the shoes of a terrorist group and plant the ground of explosives that the opposing team must take out.
  • Complete a suicide mission to kill the rivals .
  • Coordinate combat groups to release the hostages held by the rival team.
  • He manages to keep a member of the anti-terrorist team alive .
  • Prevent rivals from reaching certain areas of the map .

Half Life MOD
Counter Strike is a MOD from another popular video game, Half Life , which especially powers the multiplayer section. Enjoy different weapons and skills depending on the side to which you belong.

Download Counter Strike for free and experience the excitement of these fights on your personal computer.

Requirements and additional information:
The version we offer is 1.5, which only allows you to play within a local network, since version 1.6, which allows the game through an Internet connection, has become paid. The 1.5 is still completely free and offers practically the same gameplay.
Although Counter Strike is freeware, being a modification it is still necessary to have an original Half-Life installed on the computer to enjoy this classic online action.

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