Free Online Download Apex Legends PC Game 2020

Free Online Download Apex Legends PC Game 2020

Apex Legends is a 'Battle Royale' shooter with online games of 60 players at once and designed with a style similar to Fortnite and Overwatch.
Online shooters have long been hitting very hard and Battle Royale fever seems not to end, thanks to the ubiquitous Fortnite. Possibly Blizzard's Epic Games and Overwatch are the two shooting games to beat and Electronic Arts along with Respawn Entertainment seems to have set out to do so with Apex Legends.

Free Online Download Apex Legends PC Game 2020

A battle royale shooter for 60 players
For all those who are accustomed to multiplayer shooters the game is not going to pose any news but no problem. In fact conquering them will depend on the dynamics of the style and in this it has bet heavily on Apex. It is based on Titanfall and in the context of The War of the Border where its players earn fortune and money in the Apex Games.

These are some of its features:

  • Characters extracted from Titanfall.
  • Battle passes and seasons of three months duration.
  • Massive battles of 60 players.
  • Possibility of creating squads of three players.
  • Possibility of healing players and reviving them.
  • Different heroes with particular abilities each of them.
  • Great relevance of strategic decisions.
We find the typical system of all-against-all games , in which every bit the map is reduced to approach the surviving players . In addition it also has elements such as the battle pass and the quarterly seasons.

It is a project that has put a lot of money and has had a great marketing campaign supported by different YouTube stars although it has enough features of its own identity to open an important gap between online action games.

Requirements and additional information:
It offers integrated purchases.

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