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Microsoft Office 2016 Download For Free

Office 2016  is the latest edition of the   most complete office suite on the market. It presents a renewed visual aspect, new functions and improved tools in its most used components: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Office 2016 is a new version of this highly improved office automation program with new features. If you are an Office user and want more, this is the version you should try.

In Office 2016, we are going to find a design program similar to the other versions but more crisp and elegant. In addition, we will have an intelligent program that will help us, for example, to classify our mail in Outlook. The program learns from all the movements we do and helps us to have a better organized email. Another aspect that can be highlighted in this version is that it includes collaborative versions, so that we can give access to other users to edit our documents and we can see in real time what each of them is doing.

In the Excel part, it is important to note that many improvements have also been made, such as graphics and new analysis models have been included. The whole package has undergone modifications that will allow us to have more functions and work in a much more comfortable way.

Office 2016 is a great version that has been designed so that those of us who work with Office have a better experience and it is much simpler to do all the tasks we have scheduled.

Tools available in this office suite

As in previous versions, this 2016 edition brings several well-differentiated applications, each of which has a very specific task:

Word : the processor and text editor.
Excel : the spreadsheet program.
PowerPoint : the application of presentations and slideshows.
Access : the tool to work with databases.
Outlook : the email and calendar client.
OneNote : the application to take notes and capture ideas.
Publisher : desktop publishing, design and layout software.
Skype for Business : instant messaging, calls and online meetings.

How has Microsoft Office 2016 evolved?

This new edition of the Microsoft office suite presents us with interesting news focused mainly on five fields:

Collaborative work : it is now easier than ever for several users to work collaboratively and simultaneously on the same document. Everyone can see the changes made by others and share documents with other users is as easy as a simple click . In addition, the version system has been renewed to retrieve instances of the same document throughout the editing process.

Efficiency : the new Office is faster and more efficient. With the new Tell Me feature, you can tell Word, Excel or PowerPoint exactly what you want to do so that these apps guide you through the process. In addition, with the new intelligent search of Bing you can make queries on the Internet without even leaving the document you are working on.

Accessibility : thanks to OneDrive's cloud storage options and that the new Office applications are adapted to both traditional Windows and operating system variants designed for touch screens, you can access and work on your documents from wherever and whenever you want , even from a mobile or a Mac.

Data protection : Another outstanding feature of this new package is its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to protect shared use documents from violations of its usage policies, which implies the identification of sensitive material and Avoid accidental sharing through the Office tools.

Integration in Windows 10 : Although it works in previous versions of the Microsoft operating system, this Office has been designed with Windows 10 in mind. Therefore, it integrates perfectly with Cortana , so that the virtual assistant can help you with all the tasks you have to do with its tools, especially Outlook, and synchronizes perfectly with mobile applications designed for Windows 10 on phones and tablets.

Download Free Microsoft Office 2016

If you already have Office 2016 installed and just want to activate it, you can only download the KMS Auto activator to enjoy your Office without restrictions.

The execution of the installer will begin the download of Office 2016 from Microsoft servers, it is recommended to have a stable connection and good internet speed.

You can download the Office 2016 installer from this link

If you have problems installing Office 2016 because you have already had a previous installation of the program and you have left files, we recommend that you download the Office Removal Tool, with it you can remove all the rest of an old installation and start from scratch.

Once you have installed Office 2016 or if you already had the program and were only looking for the activator, the best tool for you to use your Office without restrictions is the KMS Auto activator. With it you can register your version without problems and in a very simple way.
Unlock the link to the activator below and download KMS Auto. We only ask you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. This way you help us to support the site.



Remember to follow the instructions in the video to be able to use it correctly.


To disable Windows Defender:

1. Select the Start button   >  Settings   >  Updates and security   >  Windows Security  >  Virus and threat protection >  Virus and threat  protection settings .
2. Change  Real-time Protection  to  Off . Keep in mind that scheduled exams will continue to run. However, files that are downloaded or installed will not be scanned.

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